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Client Questionnaire Guidelines

The client questionnaire will help you collect all vendor information and the stories behind your albums. These details are what editors use to help tell the story and can help your acceptance chances.

How to Send the Client Questionnaire

You can send the questionnaire to your clients two different ways, either during album creation or when editing your album.

Option 1: Send questionnaire when creating an album

STEP 1: When you create your album, you can find the Client Questionnaire button on the right side of the Add Venue and Vendor screen.

STEP 2: Fill in your client’s info and email. Click SEND and the questionnaire will be sent to your client.

Option 2: Send questionnaire when editing an album

STEP 1: Open an album, and then click the Edit Album button.

STEP 2: Go to the Album Info tab, and then click Send Questionnaire.

STEP 3: Fill in your client’s name and email address. Click SEND and the questionnaire will be sent to your client.


How Do My Clients Fill In The Questionnaire?

STEP 1: Your clients will receive an email asking them to fill out the questionnaire.


STEP 2: Your clients will then need to click the Tell Your Story button in the email. This will direct them to the Client Questionnaire page. They should then click Submit to send their responses.


How Do I Know What the Status of the Questionnaire Is?

1. You will be notified via email when your client completes the questionnaire.


2. You also can check the questionnaire status by entering an album, go to Album Info tab and check the CLIENT QUESTIONNAIRE section.


How Do I View a Completed Questionnaire?

You can view a questionnaire’s responses by opening an album, and clicking the View Their Responses link on the Album Info tab.


How Can I Resend the Questionnaire to My Clients?

You can enter the album that you want to resend the questionnaire. Click Edit Album and then go to Album Info tab. You can click Resend Questionnaire to resend the questionnaire to your client.