A photo submission and publication platform to get your work published

1. Create Image Albums

Integrated with popular platforms including Dropbox, ShootProof, Zenfolio, and SmugMug, Two Bright Lights allows submitters to quickly and efficiently craft albums filled with beautiful work and detailed information. Not a photographer? Our permissioning system allows vendors to submit to publications too!

2. Submit Your Albums to Publications

With hundreds of publications, you’ll be able to determine which ones best suit your work, then with a few clicks, the submissions are sent directly to the editors of your choosing. Our NEW Matching Tool provides personalized publication recommendations directly within the submissions process.

3. Get Published!

Throughout the entire submissions process, Two Bright Lights is with you every step of the way. We’ll send email notifications straight to your inbox so you can keep track of your submission statuses and never miss viewing a published feature!


  • Hundreds of Publications

    Whether it’s real weddings, surprise proposals, lifestyle or family sessions, we have hundreds of publications looking to publish your creative work.

  • Matching Tool

    Our Submissions Page now provides personalized publication recommendations built right into the submissions process.

  • Client Questionnaire

    Our questionnaire highlights exactly what editors want to know and you can send it directly to clients. That means no more stressing about client quotes in your album story.

  • Built-in Vendor Tagging

    In just a few clicks, you can tag participating vendors in your submission to ensure proper crediting in future published features.

  • Real Time Updates

    Receive real time updates delivered straight to your inbox so you can keep track of upcoming features and never miss seeing your work published.

  • Editor Profile Pages

    Stay in the know with our publication profile pages, outlining exactly what each editor likes to feature in their publication.

You're only one click away from submitting your work to hundreds of publications and getting published so your next client finds YOU!


1. Receive and Review Amazing Content

Source amazing content and manage incoming submissions for multiple publications all in one place. With in-depth editor profile pages and a live requests feed, you can clearly communicate the types of work you’re looking publish.

2. Schedule Upcoming Publication Features

In three quick clicks, accept and schedule submissions you love for upcoming published features. The easy-to-use Calendar tool, helps you keep track of deadlines and effortlessly streamline your editorial calendar.

3. Publish Your Fresh & Fabulous Content!


  • User-friendly Dashboard

    With our user-friendly dashboard editors can sort incoming and existing submissions by status, content type and location.

  • Calendar Tool

    Streamline your editorial calendar with our built-in calendar tool. Editors can schedule or reschedule submissions based on publishing workflows and view everything in one convenient location.

  • Detailed Album Information

    Never be left guessing the date of a wedding or location of a shoot. With components like the album story and vendor tagging each submission contains info to help you write your features.

  • Client Questionnaire

    Our comprehensive questionnaire highlights exactly what you want to know when crafting that feature. That means no more back and forth with the couple or clients for additional information.

  • Real Time Editor Requests

    Post up-to-date requests for the types of submissions you're looking to feature and instantly see the content come rolling in.

  • Dedicated Support System

    Social media shout out? Dedicated email blast? Our support team is willing to go the extra mile to ensure you’re sourcing the content you want.

You're only one click away from sourcing amazing photos to feature in your magazines, blogs, and other publications!