A photo submission and publication platform to get your work published

Open Gallery

A whole new way to get published

We've turned submissions on their head. Select editors can now search for photos & albums in addition to receiving submissions.

Getting published is easier than ever before

Editors can find & request photos or albums in seconds, saving time & effort for our users on both sides. All content sourced through Open Gallery is on a non-exclusive basis.

We've added to our editor experience

Select editors will have a new option of Open Gallery Search. They can search keywords that will bring relevant opted in photos & albums to their attention and will request permission to publish the work.

Open Gallery is powered by image reading technology

Each image opted in to Open Gallery will automatically be read by our new image reading technology, offering the best results for our editors. Album tags will also factor into these search results.

We're still protecting your creative rights by:

  • Giving users direct content use approvals
  • Opting certain publications out of auto-approval at user discretion
  • Adding watermarks to photos when previewed in Open Gallery

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is Open Gallery?

Open Gallery is a brand new way to get your work published. It is an additional offering to our current album based submissions. Once you opt in your albums, editors can search all the photos inside the album even when you do not submit them directly. You can also specify whether you need the editors approval before publishing your photos, allowing you to have full control over the use of your content. Keep in mind, all content sourced through Open Gallery is published on a non-exclusive basis.

2. How does Open Gallery work?

Open Gallery starts when you opt in and select specific albums to include. From there, these albums will become available to our editors to search through to source content for their publications. They still have to offer an estimated publication date and it will appear in your Submissions tab as your album submissions do. At any point you can require content approvals before the editor can publish your work found in Open Gallery or you can forgo any approvals and allow them to publish at their discretion. All content sourced Open Gallery is published on a non-exclusive basis with the publication.

3. Do I have to pay to join Open Gallery?

Currently you do not need to pay anything extra to opt in to the Beta of Open Gallery. However you may only opt your albums in to the Beta period if you are currently on or upgrade to a premium subscription.

4. What technology powers Open Gallery?

Open Gallery is powered by our new image reading technology. Each image and album that is opted in will be automatically read and tagged with key terms that reflect that image appropriately. There is no additional work that needs to be done on the submitter side apart from opting in your work to the Open Gallery and using our existing album descriptive tags.

5. Can anyone join the Beta period of Open Gallery?

Any Two Bright Lights submitter who either currently has or upgrades to a paid account is eligible to opt in to the Beta period of Open Gallery. Only a handful of editors have been hand picked to test the Beta at this time. Editors will be able to publish images and albums that they find during Open Gallery beta period. If you wish to try out Open Gallery, please fill out the Open Gallery application to request access.

6. How do Editors use Open Gallery & what is expected from them when sourcing content?

Editors use Open Gallery by searching key terms and looking through relevant albums & photos as a result. Once they locate an album or photo they would like to use, they have to request and offer an estimated publication date. Depending on the user's Open Gallery settings, they will either need to wait for the submitter's approval or they will be able to use and publish the content directly from there. Our editors are still held to the same expectations of using the content for editorial, blog, or social media features and properly crediting the vendors as appropriate. All content sourced through Open Gallery is on a non-exclusive basis.

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