A photo submission and publication platform to get your work published

Open Gallery

A whole new way to get published

We've turned the submission process on its head. Editors can now search for photos & albums and submitters can get published faster than ever before.

Getting published is easier than ever

Editors can search & request the perfect photos or albums in seconds. This speeds up the entire publishing process, making it the perfect handshake between editors & submitters.

Open Gallery is powered by image reading technology

Each image in Open Gallery is automatically read—meaning no tagging or extra work for our submitters. The result: Editors will get the best content possible, faster.

We've added to our editor experience

Select editors can access Open Gallery to search and discover photos & albums from our submitters. Editors can request to publish their work on the spot.

We're still protecting our submitters' creative rights by:

  • Giving direct content use approvals
  • Adding watermarks to photos when previewed

What people are saying

Jen Vazquez

Photographer, Jen Vazquez Photography

The publishers went on there and BOOM I got published without doing anything other than uploading a gallery and checking YES to get published when they asked. This is brilliant and will save me a ton of time!

Ellen LeRoy

Photographer, Ellen LeRoy Photography

I want to get published as much as possible, so if someone can find me on their own, that's great. Every link back is a good thing.... It seems like a no brainer for the photographers and the publishers!

Zanna Metzer

Editor, Sisters in Law

With Open Galley, we get to search for just the right inspiration for our publication and get to see albums that we might not have seen otherwise, which saves us A LOT of time.