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Thousands of photographers use Two Bright Lights to share images with vendors like you. Images of your work are available now on Two Bright Lights for you to view, download, and share with clients!

Two Bright Lights makes sharing and accessing images easy!

  • Photographers upload images and share with the vendors who worked with them on a project or event
  • Vendors log in, view, download, and use the images

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"I love receiving images from photographers using Two Bright Lights. The format is so easy to use"

Shannon Cosgrove-Rivas of Flourish Designs
"Two Bright Lights is the answer to the biggest problem with my business: getting photos from wedding photographers for my portfolio!"

Rochelle Matheson of Hair by Rochelle
"Two Bright Lights is a fantastic resource for vendors. It allows the photographers to share images from events without the hassle of emailing zip files or mailing disks. It is by far the easiest and most convenient way for vendors to collaborate and share beautiful visuals of our creations!"

Erin Hornstein of Plum Sage Flowers
"Two Bright Lights is an absolutely brilliant and well executed idea. Two Bright Lights has streamlined my processes so much; instead of creating .zip files of images for every vendor I work with, and then another one for each submission I want to make to a publication, I just create one gallery that all the vendors can download from. Two Bright Lights has become an integral part of my business."

Nathan Welton of Dreamtime Images
"I am absolutely thrilled about my experience with Two Bright Lights! Before discovering them, I had very little of my work published. The submission process was long and complicated. Since signing up with Two Bright Lights only 4 weeks ago, I've had 9 publications! I'm hooked."

Emily Lapish of Emily Lapish Photography
"Two Bright Lights gives me a convenient location for professional photographers that I have worked with to hold and share photos of my events. These photos, in turn, work as valuable marketing tools to help potential clients visualize my work."

Melanie Tipton of Last Petal Floral Studio
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